Over the years, federal spending for the prosecution of medical marijuana businesses has been curtailed by the Rohrabacher-Farr Amendment to the spending bills. Now that Farr is retired, the question remained whether there would be further support for such a bipartisan effort.

It turns out that Rohrabacher has found some new bipartisan support for the

In a series of bi-partisan bills, two Senators from Oregon proposed massive reform to aid legal cannabis operations throughout the country. The Path to Marijuana Reform includes a series of bills known as:

1. The Small Business Tax Equity Act
2. Responsibility Addressing the Marijuana Policy Gap
3. Marijuana Revenue and Regulation Act

This legislation

The Maryland House of Delegates this past week censured one of its members for using his legislative position to influence the medical cannabis regulators in favor of his client for who he was a paid consultant. The 138-0 resolution was the result of Joint Committee on Legislative Ethics finding that the actions violated the spirit

In a bi-partisan bill, HR 1227 (the Ending of Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2017) would result in the de-scheduling of cannabis from the Controlled Substances Act and vest the regulation of cannabis to the states. Does HR 1227 have a chance?

It is unlikely that HR 1227 will become law, but it is significant

The formation of the first congressional cannabis caucus is only further evidence that push for the legalization of cannabis is taking greater holder. Although its initial members are all from states who have legal adult use, this move has some widespread significance.

First, the caucus is bi-partisan. Such bi-partisan support only further shows that the