In a series of bi-partisan bills, two Senators from Oregon proposed massive reform to aid legal cannabis operations throughout the country. The Path to Marijuana Reform includes a series of bills known as:

1. The Small Business Tax Equity Act
2. Responsibility Addressing the Marijuana Policy Gap
3. Marijuana Revenue and Regulation Act

This legislation would clarify such issues as taxation, banking, civil forfeiture, de-scheduling, decriminalization, research and individual protections. In short, this legislation would result in cannabis being treated more like alcohol.

U.S. Capitol Building
Copyright: mesutdogan / 123RF Stock Photo

Although it is unlikely that these bills will become law, it appears as though some elements of the federal government recognize that cannabis is a business that is here to stay and needs to be further legitimized. Hopefully, these initiatives will gain more and more traction as more states come on-line with their own cannabis programs. Time will tell, but there is motivation for comprehensive reform.