In a prior post we discussed the approval of marijuana consumption lounges or “social use venues” (“SUVs”) in the City of Las Vegas, Nevada.

However, on June 7, 2019, the Nevada Legislature halted the implementation of the SUV ordinance by approving Amendment 942 to AB 533 (the “Amendment”), which sets a two-year moratorium of the SUVs.

The Amendment provides for the creation of a “Cannabis Compliance Board” (the “Board”), and following the appointment of Board members, the Board would conduct a two-year study on the feasibility, approval, and implementation of SUVs.

The study will evaluate the following:

  • Setting of distances of SUVs from certain businesses, such as gaming and child care establishments;
  • Liability of a patron under the influence of marijuana after leaving a SUV;
  • Limitations on the number of SUV licenses;
  • Taxation of SUVs; and
  • Creation of regulations for the SUVs, and the adoption of such regulations by the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services.

The initial high of impending SUVs has now worn off and Nevada must wait before residents and tourists will have a communal place to legally consume marijuana.