A few weeks ago, I blogged about the establishment of the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program’s Practitioner Registry. As I noted there, having doctors registered and approved to certify patients as medical marijuana cardholders is critical for the success of Pennsylvania’s program. In the Department of Health’s Press Release announcing the Registry, the DOH noted that it surveyed close to 200 doctors, and 75% of them indicated they would register for the Program.

According to Dr. Rachel Levine, Pennsylvania’s Physician General and the Acting Secretary of Health, those initial estimates appear to be accurate. In an announcement made via Twitter, Dr. Levine stated:

It is yet to be seen whether all of these doctors will complete the process (including the required training), but it is a positive sign for patients and business owners looking forward to the full implementation of Pennsylvania’s program in 2018.

As always, stay tuned…

Joseph McNelis works in Fox Rothschild’s Blue Bell, PA office and focuses his practice on labor and employment matters. Joe also tracks legal developments in the cannabis industry in Pennsylvania and nationwide. Joe can be contacted at 610-397-2332 or jmcnelis@foxrothschild.com.