Florida continues to make forward progress on implementation of Amendment Two (medical marijuana) with additional licenses and dispensaries being approved or opened around the state.

License News

Three new licenses are being added in Florida.

Dispensary News

The following municipalities in Florida are moving forward with medical marijuana dispensaries:

Those municipalities going with moratoriums are listed below:

Municipalities trying to work around the all or nothing requirement set forth in Florida’s medical marijuana law are listed below.  Some municipalities are rewriting their zoning ordinances for pharmacies since municipalities must regulate and zone medical marijuana dispensaries as they do for pharmacies.

Other News

  • The Florida Board of Medicine is also working on regulations that will guide discipline for doctors that improperly prescribe medical marijuana.
  • In the education world, school boards are working on creating policies for children to take medical marijuana during school hours if prescribed in that fashion.
  • There is a question whether someone taking lawful medical marijuana can also be sold a firearm (since marijuana is still illegal under Federal law)


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