I know that the last thing anyone wants to discuss is the 2018 election, still more than a year away. So I promise – this post will not discuss any candidates, or the President.

A ballot measure was recently approved to be placed on the ballot in Oklahoma for the 2018 cycle that could bring medical marijuana to the state. While many state programs have been created by the legislature, some states have done so through ballot measure, such as Arkansas and Florida. With the recent approval of the measure by the Secretary of State, Oklahoma voters have a chance to follow in their footsteps.

The proposed language of the law would establish a regulatory office to administer the program and task the program with making applications for (1) patient medical marijuana licenses and (2) licenses for dispensaries, growers, and processors within thirty (30) days of passage, by no means a small undertaking. The law would require that dispensaries, growers, and processors maintain 75% ownership by Oklahoma residents, and impose a 7% tax on all sales. For more details, check out the full text of Oklahoma State Question 788.

if 2018 is anything like 2016, this measure will be joined by other marijuana-related ballot initiatives. We will be sure to follow this development once election day arrives!

Joseph McNelis works in Fox Rothschild’s Blue Bell, PA office and focuses his practice on labor and employment matters. Joe also tracks legal developments in the cannabis industry in Pennsylvania and nationwide. Joe can be contacted at 610-397-2332 or jmcnelis@foxrothschild.com.