The beautiful casinos, lavish nightclubs, and lax alcohol laws provide the 40 million annual tourists with plenty of reasons to visit Las Vegas. In some polls conducted of both tourists and locals who were asked to describe Las Vegas in one word, the words “paradise” and “sin” came up frequently.  The introduction of Senate Bill (“SB”) 236 possibly provides one more reason to describe Sin City as “paradise” or “sin.” If passed, this legislation would allow public consumption of marijuana.

Although adult marijuana use became legal in Nevada on January 1, 2017, it is a misdemeanor to consume it anywhere but private residences. SB 236 would allow local governments to issue licenses for the use of marijuana at, among other places, restaurants or bars, and at public events. As with all laws, SB 236 would place restrictions on the public places at which marijuana could be consumed. Specifically, licenses would not be issued for businesses within 1,000 feet of any school, church, park, public pool, or substance abuse center.

Assuming SB 236’s passage, one type of business that will not be seeking a license is the casinos. Since it is still a Schedule I substance, gaming authorities in Nevada have specifically stated that marijuana consumption will not be permitted in casinos.

Notwithstanding the prohibition in casinos, SB 236 is still pretty exciting for Nevada. If it becomes law, it will give tourists one more reason to visit Sin City.

Skyline of Las Vegas, Nevada
Copyright: rabbit75123 / 123RF Stock Photo