In a bi-partisan bill, HR 1227 (the Ending of Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2017) would result in the de-scheduling of cannabis from the Controlled Substances Act and vest the regulation of cannabis to the states. Does HR 1227 have a chance?

It is unlikely that HR 1227 will become law, but it is significant in its own right. The DEA, in 2015, talked about rescheduling cannabis, but HR 1227 would go a step further. De-scheduling of cannabis altogether would vest the regulation of cannabis in the states.

So why is this a big deal? There is limited bi-partisan anything in Washington D.C. these days. The fact that cannabis is one subject that continues to receive bi-partisan interest can be seen as the real hope that the federal government will be hands-off when it comes to medical cannabis, and possibly even full adult use.

Time will tell, but bi-partisan support for meaningful cannabis-related legislation is something that may become reality sooner the later. Until then, you must use all diligence to ensure that your business fully complies with applicable law. The more “legitimate” the business becomes, the more likely that there could be greater cannabis reform.